Recently, I’ve been thinking a lot about that metaphorical statement; ‘don’t burn your bridges’. I guess the idea is well illustrated by the lyrics of that Tracy Chapman song, Bridges. “…all the bridges that you burn/come back one day to haunt you/one day you’ll find you’re walking/…lonely/…”. At some point or the other in time, we all make rash decisions; those sort of ‘damn the consequences’ decisions. There is no escaping these flash points in our lives; if we did not have them we would be unfeeling, emotionless machines – robots. The key is to find a way to come back stronger after the flash point; I guess that elusive concept called ‘maturity’ is possibly what allows us to admit “I was wrong/inconsiderate/selfish in what I did, I apologize”. Without this process of attrition and contrition people too often find themselves cut adrift in the sea of life/loneliness as those to whom they are wont to turn for comfort, assistance and guidance in times of need are also those they are most likely to have ‘burnt their bridges’ with over some irrelevant/unimportant (in hindsight) issue. I guess that’s why there’s the almost universal belief in some form of ‘higher power’ with whom you can never burn your bridges, the one place to go when practical choices have run out.


According to Buju Banton: “Almighty God…/only when sound boy inna sinking sand/them remember say U they can call upon…/”. The way I look at it, if we take time to ‘manage’ our bridges and make sure we ‘mend’ more than we ‘burn’ the world might just turn out to be a much better place to live in.

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